royal show4 2007

A couple weeks ago I was approached and asked if I was willing to quantify how well know I was on the web.... they call it your web footprint.

Being the HAM that I am.... after all my blog is shamelessly called wannabe I agreed to online form filling to help them correlate my on line fame.

Well when the people at QDOS first got back with me they gave me a rating of 1709, which meant nothing to me so off I went to the site and had rummage around.

Well after I compared scores with others I felt my score was too low so I wrote to them and sent them lots of links to my presence on the web. You see even my newspaper sells back copies to archival newspaper sites, so a reporter anywhere in the world if they had my name could access my web footprint.

Well QDOS got back to me and have since upwardly adjusted my score to
QDOS 3083!

Which means I'm more famous on the web than the Hairy Bikers!! (The Brits will know whom I talking about). In-fact a certain celebrity chef that goes by the name of Gordon only got a QDOS5154.

And talking of Gordon have you seen this link?