Close up Smart Sizzors
Many homes have a 2-3 pairs of blunt unusable scissors, don't you?

But finding a good pair of scissors is not an easy thing to do and finding a decent pair of kitchen shears is even harder. You know…the ones you can cut through chicken cartilage, fish fins and the like, but strong enough to last.

Yes there are many cheap and cheerful pairs but when you need them will they do the job?
One of the biggest problems of modern scissors is that the metal ends as soon as they reach the handle which greatly reduce the over strength and leverage of the scissors.

So I both pleasantly surprised and sceptical when I was offered a pair of Smart Sizzors to try out,but after really putting them through there paces I was just impressed, very impressed.

As my readers know I don't recommend many products, but the ones I do you can rest assured I like whole heartedly and use in my home. These are well made from quality materials and come with hardened steel razor sharp blades.

smart-sizzors-secSMART SIZZORS
I used them to cut paper, open packets, to strip wire when I was putting a new plug on a hairdryer. I tried out the bottle opener, the nut cracker, I trimmed up trout and other fish. I even cut through the cartilage in a chicken.

Having large hands myself, comfort can also be an issue but not a problem with Smart Sizzors.
because they have soft grip handles which are also designed for both left hand and right handed use.

I would also urge chefs to take a serious look at these when shopping for kitchen shears at currently selling on Amazon UK for £9.99 it's a bargain!

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