Vanilla Peacan Damson Ice Cream2Andrew James 3

Vanilla Pecan and Damson Ice Cream © Kevin Ashton 2013

Yes, I know my last recipe also had Pecan nuts in but circumstances conspired to make this so.
First, I picked several kilo of Damsons from the trees in my sister's garden. Anyone who has damson trees knows
that when the fruit is ripe you only have a few days to pick them at their best.

Secondly, Andrew James asked me to review their 7 litre table top mixer, which I will write about in some detail in the coming weeks after putting the machine through it paces.

Then the idea of combining a rich vanilla ice cream, pecan nuts which are in season and damsons
into an ice cream just jumped out of my head. The idea was to start with a vanilla ice cream add pecan nuts when the custard
was still warm to bring out the flavour of the nuts. When the ice cream is almost set then I will swirl the damson puree through it so as to taste all 3†components†in the ice cream.

*Recipe produces 2 x 1 litre of ice cream so you could halve the recipe if you wish.

1.5 kilo damsons
3 Tbsp Clear honey
600 ml Double cream
568 ml semi skimmed milk
6 large egg yolks
1 vanilla pod
200 g caster sugar
150g pecan halves

1.) Wash and sort 1.5 kilos of the best damsons, put into a heavy bottomed stainless steel pan and 100ml cold water.
2.) Cook with the lid on on a medium high heat until the skins of the damsons are broken, then remove the lid so the liquid
evaporates some and continue to cook for another 8 minutes turning the heat down to a medium heat.
3.) Remove from the heat and pass fruit through a sieve trying to keep as much of the fruit pulp as possible.
Add the honey then set to one side to cool.
4.) In a separate saucepan combine the milk,cream and the vanilla seeds+ pod. Heat liquid until almost boiling and allow the vanilla to infuse.
5.) In the mixer cream the caster sugar and the egg yolks until light, fluffy and smooth.
6.) On a slow speed mix the cream/milk mixture into the creamed eggs an mix thoroughly.
7.) Pour the mix back into a clean heavy bottomed stainless steel saucepan and cook (stiring constantly) until the custard coats the back of the spoon (see photo*).

custard coated spoon

8.) Pour the custard back into the mixing bowl,add the pecan nuts and allow to cool.
9.) Pour the cooled custard into 2 clean 1 litre plastic containers and place in the freezer.
10.) When the mix is semi set swirl in the chilled damson puree and return to the freezer.

To Serve
Chill overnight and serve with a selection of wafers.

First Impressions of Andrews James 7 litre machine

So far I am very impressed with the size and quality of the 7 litre mixer.
I wish my Kitchen Aid at work was as large as this one.
For around £130 if your in the market for a new table top mixer pay this serious attention and keep watching this space.